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Mill-Rose is a leading manufacturer of scientific-grade carbon fiber brushes used in a variety of applications. Mill-Rose carbon fiber brushes are used as non-corrosive anodes / electrodes in standard microbial fuel cells and benthic microbial fuel cells.

Mill-Rose carbon fiber brushes are non-corrosive and offer a high surface area for bacterial growth and high power densities in microbial fuel cells (MFCs) for large-scale electricity production. In fact, our carbon fiber brushes have 300 to 1,500 times more surface area than previously used carbon paper anodes.

Mill-Rose anode / electrode brushes are manufactured in sizes ranging from 1" to 61" in length. Mill-Rose carbon fiber brushes may also be used as highly efficient static eliminators. Special dimensions are available upon request.

Panex 35® Carbon Fibers

PANEX®35 carbon fibers are the lowest-cost carbon fiber on the market. Zoltek has tailored its operation to support large-volume commercial applications by manufacturing from a low-cost precursor. Carbon fibers are made from an abundant textile-based precursor material that matches and outperforms "aerospace-grade" carbon fibers in tensile strength and modulus.

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Mill-Rose experienced significant growth from its humble beginning in 1919, and today operates manufacturing and warehouse facilities throughout the United States and Mexico. Production facilities (over 100,000 sq. ft. of space) in Mentor, Ohio and Mexico feature the latest in manufacturing techniques and quality-control. Production is complemented by a 70,000 square foot U.S. distribution center.


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