Push Brooms and Handles

Horsehair and Plastic Mix - Fine Floor Sweep

horsehair push broom head

Fine floor sweeps are used for sweeping dust and dirt on smooth waxed or polished surfaces.

Horsehair and Plastic Mix
Catalog Number Block Size Trim Length Std. Pkg. Wgt./Pkg.
75040 3" x 18" 2-7/8" 12 20.50 lbs.
75041 3" x 24" 2-7/8" 12 27.30 lbs.

Palmyra Fiber - Heavy Floor Sweep

palmyra push broom head

Heavy floor sweeps are used for heavier dirt and debris. Superior construction makes these sweeps ideal for use on unfinished concrete or rough floors.

Palmyra Fiber
Catalog Number Block Size Trim Length Std. Pkg. Wgt./Pkg.
75054 3" x 18" 4" 12 20.50 lbs.
75056 3" x 24" 4" 12 27.30 lbs.
75058 3" x 30" 4" 12 34.20 lbs.

Push Broom Handles

push broom handles

Push Broom Handles
Catalog Number Overall Length Handle Diameter Std. Pkg Wgt./Pkg.
75071 60" Lacquered 1" 12 22.1 lbs.
75080 60" Fiberglass 1" 12 16.5 lbs.
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