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Abrasive Brushes for Cleaning and Deburring

assortment of various abrasive brushes

Mill-Rose offers a complete selection of abrasive brushes in standard and custom brush constructions. These high quality abrasive brushes are designed for use in automatic machinery and equipment such as CNC machining centers, robotic work areas, highly specialized machinery, as well as hand tools.

Mill-Rose burr brushes and double-spiral twisted-wire tube brushes offer an abrasive scrubbing action for cleaning and deburring. For more aggressive cleaning, Mill-Rose twisted-in-wire tube brushes provide extra cutting and cleaning action in a variety of applications, including cross hole deburring, burr removal, internal cleaning, removal of small imperfections and surface preparation.

Mill-Rose cup and wheel brushes debur and clean machined surfaces and edges. For wheel brushes, chose from twisted tuft , copper center , narrow-faced crimp wire or wide-face crimped wire, depending on your application. Available in heavy-duty crimped wire, single row, and double row for tougher cleaning.

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