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Custom Brushes Designed for any Application

The Mill-Rose Company specializes in designing and manufacturing custom brushes used in new and unique applications. This may require modifying one of the thousands of standard and not-so-standard brushes we manufacture on a regular basis. If your custom brush requirement calls for a completely new design, we can design it and make it from any material the job calls for.

You can "Design your own custom brush" with our user-friendly software, or refer to our "Custom Design Brush Samples" to see some of the diverse sizes and shapes of brushes we manufacture. Many of these are brushes that don’t actually brush, so we call them UnBrushes®. UnBrushes® are used in all types of manufacturing where off-the-shelf brushes simply don’t work. UnBrushes® solve numerous electrical, mechanical and production problems.

Design Your Own Brush

You can custom deisgn your own brush. We’ll help you in three simple steps.

Start Designing

Let Us Build a Custom Brush for You

Hundreds of different Mill-Rose Un-Brush designs are at work, providing unique solutions to designer's needs. Put our 90+ years of brush design/manufacturing experience to work for you. Send us a sketch of the Un-Brush you need or tell us what you want to accomplish and we'll take it from there. Our full-service engineering department will work with you to develop a prototype. Send us E-mail, fax or call toll-free 800.321.3533 to get started.

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