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Mill-Rose "Un-Brushes," are customized bristle tools used throughout industry to solve engineering, design, and production problems. Hundreds of different Mill-Rose Un-Brush designs are at work, providing unique solutions to designer's needs. Here are just a few examples of Mill-Rose Un-Brushes.

Let us design an Un-Brush for you! It's easy. Send us a sketch of the Un-Brush you need or tell us what you want to accomplish and we'll take it from there. Our full-service engineering department will work with you to develop a prototype. Send us E-mail, fax or call toll-free 800.321.3533 to get us started.

medical/micro un-brushes

Medical Instruments/ Miniature Un-Brushes

Mill-Rose pioneered the use of cell sampling with brushes in the medical field. This procedure, used in pulmonary as well as gastrointestinal applications, eliminated the need for costly surgery that involved a significantly higher risk factor. Today, Mill-Rose Laboratories manufactures a complete range of instruments for the medical field.

grounding device

Grounding Devices

Mill-Rose has designed flexible electrostatic grounding brushes for a broad range of applications, including office copiers, fax machines and computer printers. These long-bristled "un-brushes" dissipate troublesome electrostatic electricity wherever it creates problems.

reversible side-action honing tool

Reversible Side-Action Honing Tool

Nylon fibers impregnated with aluminum oxide or silicon carbide abrasive hone and polish cylinders and piston housings. May be tapered or configured to hone multiple surfaces at the same time.

mixing/screening device

Mixing/Screening Device

Used to recover and recycle toner in office copy machines, this agitator separates toner that has a tendency to become compact, and forces it through a screen. Brushes can be used anywhere powder and other materials require agitation.

continuous applicator

Continuous Applicator

Lubricants, paint and / or liquids can be applied continuously when fed through a tube attached to a Mill-Rose applicator brush. A wide range of bristle material can be used, depending on the viscosity of the liquid being applied and the liquid's rate of flow.

reversible side-action honing tool

Static Dissipation

Static dissipating brushes using Thunderon SS-N bristle material are also available from Mill-Rose. This unique fiber dissipates static electricity from computers, copiers, fax machines and electronic circuitry, or anywhere paper, film or fibers are utilized. The exceptional discharge properties of Thunderon SS-N also help prevent accidents caused by electrical discharge.