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Mill-Rose is a leading manufacturer of automotive brushes and other specialty brushes for the automotive industry. Choose from a variety of twisted-in-wire brushes, cup brushes and wheel brushes for surface conditioning and deburring internal and external automotive engines and components. Surface conditioning with MIll-Rose brushes eliminates any loose metal and removes flakes that can contaminate engine oil or impede performance.

Mill-Rose offers a complete selection of single or double-spiral twisted-wire tube brushes in a selection of filaments for crankshaft oil holes, valve guides and general automotive maintenance. For more aggressive cleaning, Mill-Rose offers a full-line of abrasive brushes that aggressively condition surfaces within engine cylinders, manifolds and automotive parts providing a smooth, consistent surface. Mill-Rose also offers parts cleaning brushes, utility brushes and spoke cleaning brushes designed for efficient cleaning and long-lasting performance.

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